Paintant Stories, 2000

Pigmented ink on canvas, silicone, poly-optic resins, oil, wood and metal, dimensions variable, roughly 4m x 100m.  Collection of: Daros Latin-America, Zurich, Switzerland

"... This work is one of the first environmental paintants, and therefore a tour de force on how to tell a story through space time.  The work deals with the evolution of violence in relation to pictorial evolution.  It uses notions of curvilinear spatial support that dynamizes, contracts or expands travel times. Micro macro used simultaneously. Soft and violent transitions. Multiple nests of themes development. Changing materials in development.  The work covers about 100 meters from the inside of a museum, leaving it to the urban space. The work forms through physical cuts and images, circulation for the viewer. Like a passage or fold, its spatial structure echoes the urban structure, beyond the confines of the museum.  Its observation is possible from the train that passes in front of the museum by its four meters high, up to centimeters in its interior, by its tiny details ... " -Fabian Marcaccio


Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2014

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Tour through the exhibition "Fabian Marcaccio. Paintant Stories" on view at Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro, 2014. With comments by Fabian Marcaccio and curator Hans-Michael Herzog.

Making of the exhibition "Fabian Marcaccio. Paintant Stories" at Casa Daros. "Fabian Marcaccio. Paintant Stories", Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro, 29.03.2014 - 10.08.2014.


DAROS Exhibitions, Zurich, Switzerland, 2005

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Cologne Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany, 2001

Stuttgart Kunstverein, Stuttgart,Germany 1999