The Altered Genetics of Painting

John Post Lee Gallery, New York, NY, 1994

“This is an artist who seems to have taken all the established rules of painting and turned them around. It is not by chance that he favors the process of printing in which things appear reversed, as if in a mirror.  More strikingly, he has performed this reversal with a combination of precision and delirium that achieves a 'systematic derangement' of painting. Within the precincts of his paintings all natural laws are suspended.  Fascinated by the collision of contradictory orders, Marcaccio does not recognize anything as impossible, hence his paintings are what we might call oversubscribed: so many potentially conflicting phenomena are granted entry that the painting becomes a virtual battleground, an episode in a civil war.”

-Meyer Raphael Rubinstein

Originally published in Fabian Marcaccio: The Altered Genetics of Painting, John Post Lee Gallery, New York, 1993.

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