September 17 – November 5, 2016

Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin

"Fabian Marcaccio’s 3DEP3 consists of an intriguing constellation of so-called plastemas that are 3D printed, painted objects made from coloured plastic and pigmented silicone of various dynamic and organic shapes that continue his alteration of gestures from Expressionism. It resembles an open expanded pictorial nervous system. On closer inspection, little by little, we furthermore discover and recognise among the more abstract shapes objects and symbols – ranging from human organs, automatic weapons, and knives to paintbrushes, power plugs, star and cross, hammer and sickle. Like the remainders of an otherwise lost and forgotten tale these objects appear as fragments of stories of war and terror, of religion, and perhaps ultimately of the end of the civilised world. They are like a dynamic present/future archaeology of painting. In contrast to some of Marcaccio’s earlier works, 3DEP3 describes not so much a specific historical event, but a certain US-American state of mind ranging from celebrity and pop culture to politics and economics."